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Washington DC - Cherry Blossoms (Day 1)

The start of our week long DC trip has finally kicked off (and a day early too). I’ll be uploading better photos from this trip in the months to come but until then, I wanted to share some iPhone photos (shot and edited on iPhone X).

The main goal of our trip was to see and photograph the Cherry Blossum trees in full bloom. Holly was nervously checking the blooming report on a daily basis. I’m happy to report the mission was a complete success! See for yourself.  




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Bon Bon and Rock Chalk

Had to make a Lawrence trip today and although I want to stay for the festivities I think I’ll save that for the national championship on Monday. Instead Holly and I  tried a newer restaurant called Bon Bon. They have some new takes on classic Japanese dishes. Sitting in the car on the way back to KC, so full I can barely breath, I’m more than happy to recommend Bon Bon to anyone. Now to get home and watch the Hawks! #RockChalk



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This was a long way to go for a two hour meeting that got canceled. Really want to come back and visit when I have more time.


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